ELSRA FM-A001 One-piece Epidemic Prevention 3D three-layer Cloth Face Mask

  • ELSRA FM-A001 One-piece Epidemic Prevention 3D three-layer Cloth Face Mask

    Use a soft, ultra-smooth and elastic swimming cloth as an outer cloth to filter droplets and dust, which can effectively block dirt particles. The middle is in one-piece, which is completely covered with non-woven fabric layer (50g type). The cup-shaped design is waterproof and breathable, and the epidemic prevention effect is strong. The lining is made of unbleached gauze, which is effective for breathability and saliva/sweat absorption. The bacteriostatic effect of this product is different from commonly marketed non-woven cloth masks for two characteristics:
    Firstly, commonly marketed masks use thin non-woven fabric (30g). We use 50-g-non-woven fabric with better defense performance and good air permeability.
    Secondly, Most of the commercially available masks use only a small piece of non-woven fabric in the middle, but viruses and bacteria won’t just invade from the middle. We produce a large piece of non-woven fabric, relying on good professional sewing technology without destroying the entire piece of non-woven. While maintaining the structure, a complete, leak-proof cup-shaped mask is carefully manufactured. It can hold water without dripping when poured in, allowing you to use it with peace of mind and more importantly, the non-woven fabric of this product has an electrostatic effect, which is very helpful for blocking bacteria.

    Outward 3D duck-bill shape, bigger space between mouth and nose is comfortable. Adhere and close, simple and beautiful, no dead end for epidemic prevention. Three-dimensional tailoring design.

    Ear Hooks
    D-shaped design of ear-hook holes, which is conforms to ergonomics. The material of the swimming cloth is soft, and the ears can wear it for a long time without pressure. According to personal needs, you can tie it to adjust it to the most suitable length.

    Strip on Nose Bridge
    The upper edge of the nose bridge is placed a special wire for masks imported from Japan. High-tech plastic is used to achieve high plasticity. This strip can fit the upper end of this cloth mask to the high and low lines of the bridge. Different from commonly marketed masks, it won’t rust after a long time and pierce the fabric which causes danger. The strip strengthens the anti-epidemic effect that the cup-shaped non-woven fabric creates a completely closed internal space on the face. Because of its good air permeability, it is convenient for users who wear glasses. Press the strip to avoid glasses fogging. Small design creates much convenience.

    Use a neutral detergent, wash with hands, gently rub, and dry in a ventilated place.

    • Model No.: FM-A001
    • Size: 22 x 12 cm (8.66 x 4.7 inches); Hand-made may have some slightly difference
    • Color: Black, Navy Blue
    • Materials: Fiber cloth, gauze and non-woven cloth
    • Net Weight: 10g
    • Origin: Taiwan