How to definite N-key rollover keyboard?

A1: A computer keyboard circuit that allows any number of keys to be pressed in succession without having to lift a finger from any of the previous keys. Only a small number of high-end keyboards have n-key rollover. Most have 3-key rollover, which is essential for touch typing. The Braille2000 application requires 6-key rollover for entering Braille because as many as six keys may be depressed at one time.


How to test the Rollover?

A2:To test the rollover, press as many keys as you can on at least two different rows simultaneously. If they all display on screen, the keyboard has sufficient rollover for that number of keys. It is difficult to test n-key rollover with two hands. It requires the use of a ruler or edge of a book to depress that many keys.


What is the capacity keyboard?

A3: Capacitive keyboard uses changes in capacitance, or stored static electricity, to register when a user has pressed a specific key on the keyboard. The other type of keyboard called contact keyboard uses changes in flows of electricity to register. Under the keyboard keys of the capacity keyboard are capacitors that store electricity as opposite static charges in pairs of conductive plates made from nickel-plated copper that are separated by a non-conductive material. The opposite static charges hold an attractive field between them, but the insulating material prevents the charges from canceling each other out by coming together. When a key is pressed, the pads move closer to each other and change the capacity for storing a charge, which the keyboard detects as a start or stop in the flow of electricity and inputs the correct keystroke.


What is the Scissor-type keyboard?

A4: A special case of the computer keyboard dome-switch is the scissor-switch. The keys are attached to the keyboard via two plastic pieces that interlock in a "scissor"-like fashion, and snap to the keyboard and the key. It still uses rubber domes, but a special plastic 'scissors' mechanism links the keycap to a plunger that depresses the rubber dome with a much shorter travel than the typical rubber dome keyboard. Typically scissor-switch keyboards also employ 3-layer membranes as the electrical component of the switch. These stabilizing scissor-like devices extend the lifespan of the membrane to as much as 10 million keystrokes.[citation needed] They also usually have a shorter total key travel distance (2 mm instead of 3.5 – 4 mm for standard dome-switch keyswitches). This type of keyswitch is often found on the built-in keyboards on laptops and keyboards marketed as 'low-profile'. These keyboards are generally quiet and the keys require little force to press. Scissor-switch keyboards are typically slightly more expensive. They are harder to clean (due to the limited movement of the keys and their multiple attachment points) but also less likely to get debris in them as the gaps between the keys are often less (as there is no need for extra room to allow for the 'wiggle' in the key as you would find on a membrane keyboard).
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    What is multi-link/ multi-device switchable Bluetooth keyboard?

    A5: Multi-link/ Multi-device switchable Bluetooth keyboard control multiple Bluetooth enabled devices from one keyboard. All our Bluetooth enabled products built-in HTN display will memorize up to 8 Bluetooth hosts and quickly switch between each other. Users can pair the device with Smart Phone, Tablet PC, Notebook and other Bluetooth enabled host devices which support a HID profile.

    Is it possible to program one of the keys on PK-2068 to be like holding down the Shift key and also pressing an arrow button on the number pad and keep sending that signal?

    A6: The process of programmable keypad is to program several steps in one key, and the operation of this key works as a series action. The programmed key cannot repeat automatically like standard key in standard keyboard when held this key.


    I can’t get the software of PK-2068 to open in Windows XP or Windows 7.

    A7: The PK-2068 file is self-extract. Please close any anti-virus software and run this file again. Or move your cursor on this file and click right button of mouse to run this file as administrator. If the problem still exists, please program your PK-2068 in other PC or NB.


    When running the programming utility of PK-2068, it hangs the entire computer’s input while “Reading from device”. The computer still operates, but all keyboard and mouse clicks go unrecognized.

    A8: The PK-2068 file is self-extract. Please close any anti-virus software and run this file again. Or move your cursor on this file and click right button of mouse to run this file as administrator. If the problem still exists, please program your PK-2068 in other PC or NB.


    When starting the programming software of PK-2068, the program window is opened and is completely white (no keys are displayed) and the program locks.

    A9: Locked programming software is probably resulted from: 1. Open PK-2608 programming software without PK-2068 keypad recognized by system 2. Open too many programming software while programming PK-2068. 3. Plug more than one PK-2068 and programming. The software doesn’t know which one should be programmed and system lock. It is highly recommended to program PK-2068 in different PC if you have more than one keypad needed to program.


    "USB Device Detect.." keeps showing even though the device is plugged in and working.

    A10:Please verify the following points. 1. Make sure the programming software is not activated and PK-2068 is unplugged. 2. Open programming software. Then plug PK-2068 to see if underneath indicating USB Keyboard Device get. If not, please use this driver in another PC or NB because your original PC may have some drivers or software conflict against PK-2068 programming software.


    Getting “Program failure” when program PK-2068.

    A11:Please follow the steps below to program it. Step 1. Close programming software, unplug your PK-2068 and re-plug it to another USB port on your PC or NB. Please make sure PK-2068 is recognized by your system. Step 2. Execute PK-2068.exe. The keypad layout will pop up on screen. The beneath dialogue box will show “USB Keyboard Device get”. It means that software can detect PK-2068. Then you can proceed your programming steps following the user’s manual. If you still get “Program failure”, please program PK-2068 in other PC or NB.


    Can I program “Alt” by itself? In Microsoft Office products (Excel, Word, etc.), Alt is used to initiate the use of menu commands.

    A12:PK-2068 cannot program “Alt” along, and it cannot work like holding Alt key on your keyboard and pressing programed key on PK-2068 either. When you double click “Alt” key on virtual keyboard, it normally comes with “Alt+”, you must add a letter behind “Alt+” to make a shortcut. For example, the shortcut of “edit options in current program” is “Alt+E”.


    How to program windows key as a modifier key? I want to set a shortcut such as win+e.

    A13:PK-2068 can program Windows key + e (open computer). Just click windows logo key on virtual keyboard, then click “e”, the programming box will be shown as STARTe, then click “program” to finish programming.


    Is there any way to save the programming ("profile") for a specific PK-2068 keypad so that if I program a second one I don't lose the programming for the first one?

    A14:PK-2068 is designed with built-in memory, and the programmed value is stored in the keypad, not software. If you need to program the second keypad, please follow the steps below: 1. Plug your second keypad into PC. 2. Open programming software and click any keys you’d like to program. 3. You’ll find the programmed value of first keypad in the dialog box. Please click “all delete” and “program” to delete the value. 4. Click any letters you want to program on the second keypad and then click “program” to finish programming. If you want to re-program a few keys on the first keypad, again, you’ll find the programmed value of second keypad in the dialog box. Please follow the above steps to “delete” the value and “program” again. In fact, we strongly recommend programming two or more PK-2068s on different PC or NB to avoid any errors in operation.


    Can I have the PK-2068 start in Mode 1 (red light) at first start, rather than Mode 0?

    A15:No. When the keypad is plugged in the computer, it must be in mode 0 (numeric keypad) because the computer has to identify that this is a standard keypad.


    I don’t have a CD-ROM to run this disc or I lost the software CD.

    A16:Please download the software at https://www.elsra.com/support-Driver.html.


    Is there a way to program PK-2068 without the virtual keyboard?

    A17:No, all programming of PK-2068 has to be done with the virtual keyboard.


    Can I program unprintable characters into PK-2068?

    A18:PK-2068 can program decimal code. Alt+0128 for example, is € symbol. Hereafter is the way to program. 1. Enter Virtual keyboard 2. Double click Alt key which will be highlighted in yellow with red character. 3. Click numlock key and click 0 1 2 8 (numpad only); the dialog box will show Alt+0+1+2+8. 4. Click program When you press programed key, this key will become euro sign, €.


    Is there any way to bind keys such as F13, which are in the system but not normally found on keyboard?

    A19:The programming software design of PK-2068 is based on standard PC keyboard. There is no F13 function key. Nevertheless, Shift+ F1 should be used to type F13, Shift+F2 for F14, etc.


    Can an existing key program be edited or do you have to "All Delete" and start at the beginning?

    A20:You can edit an existing key program by “Delete” or "All Delete". “Delete” is to delete one character; “All Delete” is to delete all characters. For example, if you’ve already programmed “abcd” and want to edit it to ”abc”: 1. Click the programmable key you’ve already program and enter virtual keyboard, you’ll see “abcd” in the dialog box. 2. Click “Delete”, the letter ”d” will be deleted, then click “program” to finish program. You can also click “All Delete” then click “Program”, the dialog box will be in blank. Then click “abc” and “Program”. Note: Please make sure to click “Program” every time after “Delete” or “All Delete”.


    I want to use PK-2068 on Adobe products. Can I program shortcuts?

    A21:Yes, you can use PK-2068 on Adobe products by programming with modifier keys. The modifier keys can not only open tools but activate the submenu function on each tool.


    How to program PK-2068 to switch tasks in Windows?

    A22:PK-2068 can be programmed Alt+Tab to switch tasks in Windows. 1. Please open the PK-2068 software, click the key you want to program and enter the virtual keyboard. 2. Double click “Ctrl”, Double click “Alt”, then click “Tab” and “Program”. The dialog box on virtual keyboard will be “ Ctrl+Alt+Tab”. By pressing the programmed key, you could open all windows tasks at the same time and switch between them.