AquaHex Revitalized Water Pendant for kettle

  • AquaHex Revitalized Water Pendant for Kettle
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    The AquaHex Revitalized Water Pendant is a thoughtfully crafted innovation tailored for your kettle. This pendant seamlessly fits into the filter holes of your stainless steel kettle. With a simple addition of this pendant and clean water, the boiling process transforms ordinary water into extraordinary Hexagonal Water, often referred to as Structured Water. Elevate your water experience with AquaHex.

    Many market functional drinks use plastic bottles, failing carbon reduction and cost-effectiveness. AquaHex Revitalized Water Pendant fits most steel kettles' filter holes, quickly generating home hexagonal water (NMR <70Hz, superior to global longevity villages' 90Hz avg.). It boasts these superior traits:

    Low Isobaric Pressure (High Penetration)
    The human cell membrane is very tight and protective. For water to freely shuttle through the cell membrane, the isobaric pressure must be lower than that of the cell membrane, so that it can help transport nutrients and eliminate waste and toxins.

    Strong Kinetic Energy
    TIt can quickly reach the nucleus through the cell membrane and help the information transfer and communicate within cells. It can also promote cell activation and proliferation, and accelerate metabolism.

    High Dissolved Oxygen
    The physically dissolved oxygen is 5-8ppm/molecular group, which can be regarded as the real high dissolved oxygen small molecule water. It can keep the body in a high dissolved oxygen state so that anaerobic bacteria and anaerobic viruses cannot be retained. At the same time, it can also soften blood vessels and improve the body's immunity.

    Endowed with these superior traits, the pendant's hexagonal water swiftly penetrates cell membranes, transmitting nucleus info via electrons. This fosters cell activation, proliferation, and metabolism acceleration. Especially beneficial for improvement in constipation, high uric acid levels, and gout. After boiling, hexagonal water resonates in kettle, sustaining its effect beyond 72 hours as proven by experiments.

    The Significance of Hexagonal Water for Health
    Water stands as the cornerstone of our bodily functions and, ultimately, our survival. Right from birth, a baby's cells hold hexagonal ring-like clusters of water, known as structured water or small molecule cluster water. This is what lends a baby's skin its softness and vitality.

    "Aging is a loss of Hexagonal Water from organs, tissues and cells, and an overall decrease in total body water. Replenishing the Hexagonal Water in our bodies can increase vitality, slow the aging process, and prevent disease". Jhon, M.S., The Water Puzzle and the Hexagonal Key

    As age advances, the human body gradually loses hexagonal structured water within its cells and DNA. By the age of 58, merely 23% of the body's water remains structured. This decline in hexagonal structured water profoundly influences metabolism, skin vibrancy, circulation, immune system vitality, and detoxification processes. Consequently, harmful substances accumulate, leading to aging and potential illness.

    The Endurance of Pollutant Memory in Water?!
    If water can retain the memory of pollutants, and the memory can survive the filtration and chlorine treatment of the water plant, then we may provide our body cells with a lot of bad information. In 1991, the physicist Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig (Wolfgang Ludwig) proved that water has memory. It can store frequency, and transmit coherent information to organisms. (Source: Environmental Medicine, edited by Trevin & Taalkenhammer, 1991)

    How to Use
    Insert the pendant's two hooks (with a distance of 1.8~2.2cm between them) into the corresponding filter holes within the kettle. Adjust the distance between the hooks and the filter holes, then firmly insert the hooks.

    Once clean water is boiled within a stainless steel kettle, it transforms into hexagonal water, also referred to as structured water. After thorough testing, stainless steel has shown the most effective resonance, ensuring the boiled hexagonal water resonates continuously within the kettle. This hexagonal water can be conveniently poured into a stainless steel insulated water bottle for storage.

    Product Specification
    • Materials: 316L stainless steel, medical grade
    • Hooks Space: 18 mm ~ 22 mm
    • Standard Size/ Weight (N.W.): 120 (L) x 25 (W) x 14 (D) mm/ 65g
    • Half-life Period: Over 10 years
    • Cleaning Method: After using for a period of time, it is recommended to wash with clean water after use and then wipe with a clean dry cloth regularly
    • SGS Non-Radioactive Test: Compliant with Non-Radioactive Contamination at International level (Report # KK-22-1111)
    * The information in this page is not intended as a substitute for medical advice nor is it intended to replace the counsel of a health professional.