AquaHex Energizer for Kettle/ Insulated Water Bottle, Pure Titanium, User-Friendly, 1.18”x 0.24”

  • AquaHex Energizer for Kettle/ Insulated Water Bottle, Pure Titanium, User-Friendly, 1.18”x 0.24”
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    Your Personal Hexagonal Water Generator for Healthier Hydration
    Experience the next level of hydration with the revolutionary AquaHex Energizer by HKE. Crafted with cutting-edge technology and designed for personal and family use, this Energizer redefines the way you consume water.

    Hexagonal Water for Wellness
    Unveil the power of hexagonal water, also referred to as structured water. Simply place the specially engineered titanium ingot into your stainless steel kettle, fill it with clean water, and let the magic unfold. As you bring the water to a boil, watch it transform into long-acting hexagonal water, loaded with potential health benefits.

    Pure Titanium for Your Safety
    We prioritize your well-being, which is why we've chosen pure titanium as the core material for our ingot. Recognized for its safety and durability, pure titanium ensures that your water remains free from contaminants.

    Craftsmanship and Elegance
    Elevate your hydration experience with a touch of sophistication. The AquaHex Energizer undergoes meticulous crafting, including laser engraving for polished precision and distinctive color carving. A final temperature treatment enriches the ingot's surface with a protective gem film – a natural photocatalyst powered by titanium dioxide. This extraordinary effect enables rapid bacteria T decomposition, ensuring your water is as pure as can be.

    The Essence of Hexagonal Water for Health
    Water, the source of life, is fundamental to our existence. Hexagonal water, also known as structured water, holds a key role in our well-being. Imagine the hexagonal clusters in a newborn's cells, reflecting their vibrant skin and energy. As we age, this hexagonal structure diminishes. By 58, only 23% of our body's water remains structured. This transformation affects metabolism, skin, circulation, immunity, and detoxification, leading to aging and illness.

    Hexagonal water is widely acknowledged by cells as "bio-friendly" due to its Isobaric low, robust kinetic energy, and high levels of dissolved oxygen. Its exceptional ability to swiftly penetrate cell membrane channels and utilize electrons for transmitting information to the cell nucleus promotes cellular activation, proliferation, and accelerates metabolic regeneration. Moreover, it offers relief to individuals suffering from constipation, hyperuricemia, and gout while effectively boosting the body's immunity.

    "Hexagonal Water is found surrounding healthy DNA, whereas unorganized water is found surrounding the DNA of diseased tissue. " - Jhon, M.S., The Water Puzzle and the Hexagonal Key

    How to use
    Put the AquaHex Energizer into the kettle and boil it with clean water. The boiling hot water becomes hexagonal water, also known as structured water. It is recommended that stainless steel is the best material for the kettle and with water level indicator window.

    After many tests, pure titanium or stainless steel has the best resonance effect. The boiled hexagonal water will continue to resonate in the kettle. Besides, the water after the HKE resonance is long-acting hexagonal water. The water molecule clusters will not be restored even leaving the kettle. The experiments have proved that they can last for more than 72 hours. The water level indicator window allows natural light to activate the titanium dioxide photocatalyst effect on the surface of the titanium ingot with hydrogen kinetic energy, which can quickly decompose bacteria.

    You can also put The AquaHex Energizer into the portable thermos (stainless steel liner is recommended). Or placed in a liquid that needs resonance, such as various pure wines (for sobering alcohol), lemon juice, liquid enzymes or fruit vinegar etc. (Beer and sparkling drinks are invalid).

    Product Specification
    • Materials: Pure titanium rare metal, non-alloyed titanium
    • Dimension/ Weight (N.W.): Diameter: 1.18"; Thickness: 0.24"/ 0.013lb
    • Color by laser engraving: High temperature laser, titanium dioxide produces gem film; color carving will never fade under normal use; non-toxic and harmless
    • Half-life Period: Over 10 years
    • Cleaning Method: After using for a period of time, it is recommended to wash with clean water after use and then wipe with a clean dry cloth regularly
    • SGS Non-Radioactive Test: Compliant with Non-Radioactive Contamination at International level (Report # KK-19-07339)

    * The information in this page is not intended as a substitute for medical advice nor is it intended to replace the counsel of a health professional.